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  1. Anonymous

    This “research” writeup reads like something the self-congratulatory bunch at wired would do better, more thoroughly, and despite their propensity for wordyness, less likely to leave an aftertaste of “waste of time”. But since it’s dipped in security sauce, it’s all good, right?

  2. Anonymous

    Really good article.. Shame these guys had to get busted, but oh well, a dozen more will pop up in there place :)

  3. Anonymous

    these lying warmongers should be sent to jail for life with no chance of ever ever seeing daylight … to think that they thought that they could fight a corrupt system .. kill their kids too.

  4. Anonymous

    Pointing at their Tweeter, Facebook, Blog, etc once they are busted is a no brainer. Using their social network activities to bust them, however, is what Aaron Barr suggested and has not been successful.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s a waste of time because they haven’t left clues, which you’re claiming they did. A clue would be something that will serve to identify them. But their profile matches thousands of programmer’s backgrounds. And you wouldn’t be able to point them out from the others.

  6. Anonymous

    An 8 yr old maybe the only one that might still buy the lie that their are no “senior leadership”.  It may not be appointed or elected but there are clearly individuals that carry more weight and influence within the organization because of skill, charisma, capabilities, or relationships.  It is a more informal structure for sure but please stop pushing the obvious lie that there are not people in unofficial leadership positions that have more sway on the group.  Afterall does everyone have access to @AnonymousIRC, @Youranonnews, @anonops, @anonyops?  Seems only they can declare an op “officialized”.

    IMO looks like Mr. Barr had at least a few things right earlier on than people wanted to give him credit.

    Good article.  Really a shame these two obviously bright guys blew it.  Maybe they can be a lesson to others.  You can effect change in the system better if you aren’t in prison.

  7. Anonymous

    They better hope there is not an extradition request to the US. Time here is “hard”, if you get my drift.
    But, as a non-criminal, I always say if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.
    So-called “hacktivism” was a joke. It was basically dump anything you could find and make it public.That’s not activism. That’s vandalism.

  8. Anonymous

    Reading over some of their actions with respect to social media (facebook/twitter etc), I don’t think they get the concept of what “anonymous” really means.  While they claimed the tagline, they are not … quite … “LEGION”.


  9. Anonymous

    A bunch of punk socialists, batently ignoring the privacy rights of others and making excuses to justify thier childish hacking.  Glad to see them arrested.

  10. Paul Roberts

    What about this piece strikes you as a “waste of time”? What information would you have liked to see that wasn’t in the story? 

  11. Anonymous

    the first sentence contains a lie. “senior leadership”. at this point even an 8 yr old knows there is no leaders of anonymous let alone these 2 kids who use facebook…

    the second FB account you link to results in nothing. your info is badly sourced and poorly written. absolutely agree that this article was a waste of time. 

  12. Brian Donohue

    You have to be logged into Facebook for that link to work. Thanks for reading!

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