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Neverquest Trojan Adds New Targets, Capabilities

Categories: Malware, Web Security

Researchers have found some recent modifications to the Neverquest banking Trojan that indicate the malware is no longer just targeting online banking sites, but also is going after social media, retailers and some game portals. The new changes also give the Trojan the ability to insert extra fields into targeted Web forms in order to steal[...]



CryptoWall’s Haul: $1M in Six Months

Categories: Cryptography, Hacks, Malware

The CryptoWall ransomware has proven to be a profitable criminal enterprise, netting more than $1.1 million in six months. More than 1,600 victims have surfaced and more than 5 billion files have been encrypted.


CSIS Turkey cybercrime GameOver Zeus

Windows XP-Heavy Turkey Overrun with GameOver Zeus Infections

Categories: Hacks, Malware, Web Security

GameOver Zeus and Sality banking malware infections are rampant in emerging countries such as Turkey where older, unpatched computers are prevalent, and security awareness is low.


rogue antivirus

A New Spin on Rogue Antivirus

Rogue antivirus malware is on the decline, but a new, simpler version of that threat that simply redirects users to the site of a fake malware protection service has been infecting users around the world.



APT Gang Branches Out to Medical Espionage in Community Health Breach

Categories: Data Breaches, Hacks, Malware

The Community Health Systems data breach has been tied to a Chinese APT gang that has branched out to medical espionage, stealing patient data in an effort to target intelligence on medical device development.