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Cormac Herley on the Underground Economy, IRC Economics and the Externalities of Cybercrime

Dennis Fisher talks with Cormac Herley of Microsoft Research about the paper he co-authored on the realities of the underground economy, why sales of stolen credit cards resemble a market for lemons and how we can get better data on cybercrime activities.


Threatpost News Wrap #4: Crypto libraries, cybersecurity czar job

Threatpost editors Ryan Naraine and Dennis Fisher talk about the problems with developers implementing their own crypto libraries in Web applications, the short list of names for the cybersecurity czar job and the possibility of a full-scale hacker bracket competition.


Brad Arkin on Adobe’s Quarterly Patch Updates, the JBIG2 Flaw and Secure Software Development

Dennis Fisher talks with Brad Arkin, director of product security and privacy at Adobe, about the company’s new quarterly patch release program, its Secure Product Lifecycle and how the JBIG2 flaw spurred major changes at Adobe.