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Brad Arkin on Adobe’s Quarterly Patch Updates, the JBIG2 Flaw and Secure Software Development

Dennis Fisher talks with Brad Arkin, director of product security and privacy at Adobe, about the company’s new quarterly patch release program, its Secure Product Lifecycle and how the JBIG2 flaw spurred major changes at Adobe.


Jeremiah Grossman on Web App Security, Secure Development and When Web Security Will Improve

Dennis Fisher talks with Jeremiah Grossman, CTO and founder of WhiteHat Security, about the company’s new Website Vulnerability Statistics report, why SQL injection is still such a problem and when Web application security may improve.


Art Coviello on Holistic Security, the Future of the Security Industry and the RSA Conference

Categories: Compliance, Podcasts

For the landmark 10th episode of the Digital Underground podcast, Dennis Fisher talks with Art Coviello, president of RSA, the security division of EMC, about the evolution of the RSA Conference, the future of the security industry and whether the compliance mentality is taking the focus off security in the enterprise.