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First AT&T Transparency Report Shows 2,000+ NSL Requests

AT&T, in its first transparency report, said that it received at least 2,000 National Security Letters and nearly 38,000 requests for location data on its subscribers in 2013.


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Researchers Find Serious Flaws in WeMo Home Automation Devices

Researchers at IOActive found a series of vulnerabilities in the WeMo home automation products built by Belkin that enable them to gain remote control of connected devices, provide malicious firmware updates and gain access to the internal LAN.


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Facebook Fixes Instagram CSRF Vulnerability to Keep Private Profiles Private

Facebook has fixed Instagram to remedy a cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability that could’ve put some photos users thought were private, out in the open.



Mobile Malware Captures Keystrokes, Screengrabs

Categories: Malware, Mobile Security

Proof-of-concept mobile malware logs keystrokes and captures screen-grabs on jailbroken iOS and Android devices in order to steal online log-in credentials and other sensitive information from targeted devices.



Snapchat’s New CAPTCHA Hacked in 30 Minutes, 100 Lines of Code

Categories: Hacks, Mobile Security

Just one day after the photo sharing application announced its latest security measure, a researcher claimed he was able to hack it with as little as 100 lines of C++ code.


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Verizon Releases First Transparency Report, Says Government Requests Increasing

After months of public calls from privacy advocates and security experts, Verizon on Wednesday released its first transparency report, revealing that it received more than 164,000 subpoenas and between 1,000 and 2,000 National Security Letters in 2013. The report, which covers Verizon’s landline, Internet and wireless services, shows that the company also received 36,000 warrants,[...]