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Schneider Electric Fixes Remotely Exploitable Flaw in 22 Different Products

There’s a remotely exploitable directory traversal vulnerability in more than 20 individual products from Schneider Electric that can enable an attacker to gain control of an affected machine. The flaw allows attackers to bypass the authentication mechanism on the server and get access to resources that should be protected. Security researcher Billy Rios, a frequent[...]


DARPA Working on Provably Secure Embedded Software

DARPA is the birthplace of the network that eventually became today’s Internet, and the agency has spent the decades since it released that baby out into the world trying to find new ways defend it.  That task has grown ever more complex and difficult, and now DARPA is working on a new kind of software that[...]


Google Ups Chrome Bug Bounty, Offers More Money For Exploits

Google is again increasing the amount of money it offers to researchers who report vulnerabilities in Chrome as part of the company’s bug bounty program. Now, researchers will be able to earn $15,000 at the high end of the scale, and Google also is offering more cash for researchers who can submit a working exploit for[...]


New Signed Version of CryptoWall Ransomware On the Loose

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Researchers have discovered a variant of the CryptoWall ransomware that has a valid digital signature and is being distributed through malicious ads on several top-ranked Alexa Web sites. CryptoWall is one of the more successful ransomware strains in recent memory, with researchers estimating last month that the malware had grossed more than $1 million for[...]