5G Networks Spark Concerns For Enterprise Risks

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As 5G deployments continue to increase, what are the top security risks for enterprises? We discuss with an expert during GSMA’s Mobile360 conference.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – The rise of 5G networks – and subsequent security risks – was the centerpiece issue discussed during the GSMA’s Mobile360 conference on 5G security this past week.

While researchers warn that 5G security issues could literally be a matter of life or death for certain applications, the new technology is also triggering another type of concern: the risks that 5G networks potentially pose for enterprise organizations.

Threatpost editor Tara Seals talks to Patrick Donegan, founder and principle analyst at HardenStance, about the enterprise risks involved in 5G – particularly the process of 5G network slicing. Network slicing  essentially allows operators to provide portions of their networks for specific customer uses cases such as smart home or smart factory. But properly implementing the right security controls for network slicing is critical for the overall security of enterprises, said Donegan.

“The enterprise risk is really going to come with that telco side and very particularly in relation to the network 5G slicing that’s been talked about,” Donegan said. “The more operators you talk to, the more it’s clear that this network slicing is really their Everest from an engineering perspective. You’re talking about having to get network slicing coordinated across the core, the transport, the regular access network… across all those different domains. It’s a huge challenge. So security’s an important part of that.”

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