Anonymous Again Crusading Against Child Pornography

Members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous resurfaced this week with a new campaign to expose suspected pedophiles on Twitter and get the site and its users to help root out other accounts linked to child pornography.In a Pastebin post, someone using the hashtag #Anonymous posted the Twitter handles for about 100 Twitter users, some with names like @Daddysinfulgirl and @lolitahussy.

AnonymousMembers of the hacktivist collective Anonymous resurfaced this week with a new campaign to expose suspected pedophiles on Twitter and get the site and its users to help root out other accounts linked to child pornography.

In a Pastebin post, someone using the hashtag #Anonymous posted the Twitter handles for about 100 Twitter users, some with names like @Daddysinfulgirl and @lolitahussy.

Accompanying the roster was a message: “This is a list of pedophiles that twitter hasn’t deemed important to remove despite their affiliations with each other, their posts of children participating in lewd acts, and their requests for this sort of material.  We are releasing these names in hopes that Twitter will work together with LEA in order to catch and stop these scumbags.

“You mess with our children, you mess with us.”

The flashpoint, according to the site Mediabistro, may have been tweets between two Rhode Island politicians urging someone going by @panudedude to be “brought to justice” for posting child porn. Rep. Dan Gordon then tagged his tweet with #Anonymous.

The group responded the next day, Monday, with the postings under the hashtag #TwitterPedoRing.

A Twitter spokesman said today that the company has investigated all reports of accounts linking images or content involving child pornography. It’s permanently suspended those found to be in violation and reported the offenders to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Anyone who comes across a Twitter account distributing child pornography can email with a link to the profile and relevant tweets that warrant an investigation, he added.

This isn’t the first time members of Anonymous have taken up the cause to bring child pornographers into the public light. Last month an Anonymous group published credentials for 11 users of an illegal child porn site it accessed by breaking into the site’s servers. Last year the group released the results of its Operation Darknet, in which members relied on Tor masking tools to track down and expose the IP addresses and online histories of 190 users involved in disseminating pornographic images of children.

Then, as now, the group used the occasion to urge law enforcement to get more involved in bringing down child pornography rings and pedophiles trawling the Web for victims.

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  • Anonymous on

    Good work by Anonymus....

  • Anonymous on

    Job well done, at least someone is taking action...

  • Anonymous on

    Child pornography is a huge and disturbing problem in our society that aggressively needs to be addressed. "By law enforcement". Not by some cyber vigilante group. What's the point of having laws and a judicial system, if groups like Anonymous are permitted to do whatever they want, and act as if they are judge, jury, and executioner. Anonymous, doesn't just attack child pornography. They also attack people for holding certain political beliefs in which they don't like. You can't have this in a free and democratic society.
  • Anonymous on

    Good work...stay on top of it.

  • Anonymous on

    Differing with someone's political beliefs is not necessarily an attack it's a hallmark of a democratic society. I trust that hasn't changed.

  • Anonymous on

    Anonymous is justice :D Anonymous is fredom fighters :D Anonymous is the best thing that has ever happened in this world :D

  • Anonymous on

    We are Anonymous

    We are Legion

    We don’t forgive

    We don’t forget

    Expect Us 

  • Anonymous on

    Well if the governments and police dont do anything....then We as Anonymous will continue to bring the perverts to justice!!

  • Anonymous on

    As we keep reading, the pedophile ring in the top ranks of government officials is quite extensive.  They are still whitewashing the one we read about two years or so ago.

  • thomaspain on

    As we read on it seems that CHILD PORN is getting more prevalent. We also are reading more about homosexuality. The purpose is that we should gradually feel that these behaviors are common and soon-to-be normal. It is part of the step-by-step program to degrade us into HERD ANIMALS. Watch for the relaxing of punishments for bestiality.

  • Anonymous on

    Fantastic work, I generally support everything this group does. I hope they keep doing the right things.


  • Anonymous on

    TO: The real group "Anonymous" an extremely well done job! You have my support and millions of others support when you assist in publicly exposing child pornography suspects and catching them in the act and reporting it is great! e.g. Continue putting your type of talents to work to protect children., exposing the criminals in our Congress and the White House, and letting the World know who the real criminals are in the U.S. You are now Hero's to many!!! Lets Roll.....................................
  • Anonymous on

    Well, really good work Anonymous.


    Your recents action gives me hope that we will refrain pedophily once for all.

    Actually, i may require your help about this kind of topic.

    I have many numerous reason to believe that a pedophile is in activity in a town nearby. This person have been spotted many times in depleasant situation with his "pupils"

    It's about a mid 40's old man who's also a part time job "Support Teacher" for Second to Eight grade, he's also owner of a lil' services company.

    I had access to his other's job computer in 2008/2009 and spotted massive amount of suspicious download, with title that made no doubt about their topic.

    After some events, an associee of his, completely disapear from one day to another...Moving far from the company leaving unfinished business, after discovering that this man (Who was taking his childs at the swimming pool) were "touching" part that he didn't had to.


    I'm not working a fairy tale story here, and english isn't my primary language so...I know you don't "forgive", i hope you'll may understand !


    The only way for me to bring proof to justice and familly would be sneak were i don't belong > That's far from what i'm able to do.


    As i've read : "Expect us", should i expect advice ?


    I'm pretty sure you may know how to reach me if it's the case :)


    Btw : I'm french and willing to help for this one !

    Ps:  If my message is more appropriated somewhere else, don't hesitate redirecting me !

  • Anonymous on

    Child Pornography with children too young to know what is happening to them is disgustingl  But: imagine this:  Child porn is in front of everyone's face 24/7; and it is bound to generate curiousity.  What if you saw a sign that said "Do not read this sign under penalty of law "  Wouldn't you be curious?  I'm not interested in seeing a child molested but I also don't know what child pornography is because everyone seems to have their own definition.  If I go look to see I go to jail and my life is ruined for being curious. 

    What's wrong with this picture.  Can't the internet just block the ugly?  I still don't know what all the fuss is about but I'm scared as hell to look and see;  This is crazy.

  • Anonymous on

    Except that curiousity encourages this kind of behaviour.
    For each bit of curiousity, a child could be the target of those who share their horror to the world, to please people... 


    As i've said on  Mon, 06/11/2012 - 4:33pm., I can't live with it being made in front of me, and shared to the world. Poor Childs...


    booba4ever at

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