Arbitrary Code Execution Bug in Android Reader

A security vulnerability in Adobe Reader for Android could give an attacker the ability to execute arbitrary code.

The Android variety of Adobe Reader reportedly contains a vulnerability that could give an attacker the ability to execute arbitrary code on devices running Google’s mobile operating system.

The problem arises from the fact that Adobe Reader for Android exposes a number of insecure JavaScript interfaces, according to security researcher Yorick Koster, who submitted the details of the bug to the Full Disclosure mailing list.

In order to exploit the security vulnerability, an attacker would have to compel his victim to open a maliciously crafted PDF file. Successful exploitation could then give the attacker the ability to execute arbitrary Java access code and, in turn, compromise reader documents and other files stored on the device’s SD card.

Adobe verified the existence of the vulnerability in version 11.1.3 of Reader for Android and has provided a fix for it with version 11.2.0.

On the point of exploitation, the specially crafted PDF file required to exploit this vulnerability would have to contain Javascript that runs when the targeted-user interacts with the PDF file in question. An attacker could deploy any of the Javascript objects included in Koster’s report to obtain access to the public reflection APIs inherited by those objects. It is these public reflection APIs that the attacker can abuse to run arbitrary code.

In other Android-related news, Google announced late last week that it would bolster its existing application regulation mechanism with new a feature that will continually monitor installed Android applications to ensure that they aren’t acting maliciously or performing unwanted actions.

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