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You’ve Been Warned: Overlook Security Basics at Your Peril

Ransomware shows no sign of abating and hackers are becoming more cautious and making risk/reward calculations before targeting companies. Additionally, companies are also grappling with supply chain attacks originating through open source software using a variety of mass-market applications and operating systems.

The OWASP top 10 list of critical security risks will have a big impact on how businesses address application security moving forward. The changes to the list will require businesses to reevaluate their application security posture holistically. Learn more about the most significant changes that have emerged and how businesses can address them.

Insider Risk Management requires a different approach than to those from external threats. IRM is unique from other domains of security in that the data sources which serve as inputs are as often people as they are tools. Shifting the analyst‘s mindset when handling risks presented by insiders requires us to move through the stages of inquiry, investigation, and determining outcomes.

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