Black Hat

Gone in Less Than a Second

Do not let Samy Kamkar near your car. Kamkar has built a new device that is about the size of a wallet and can intercept the codes used to unlock most cars and many garage doors.

LAS VEGAS–Washington is looking for a few good hackers. Politicians and policymakers in the United States generally are not thought of as being the most technically savvy lot. It’s a reputation that’s well-earned in some cases, with some politicians boasting about their inability to use email and affinity for flip phones. But the lack of understanding […]

LAS VEGAS–The push for some form of liability for vendors who sell faulty or insecure software is nearly as old as software itself. Software makers have pushed back hard against it for decades, but the day may soon come when software liability is a reality. Bugs, defects, and security vulnerabilities are problems inherent with any […]

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