Black Hat

Threatpost News Wrap, July 31, 2015

Dennis Fisher and Mike Mimoso discuss the hacked sniper rifle, the huge Android bug in Stagefright, Samy Kamkar’s OwnStar device, and the joy and pain of next week’s Black Hat conference.

Dennis Fisher talks with Chris Valasek of IOActive about the new research he did with Charlie Miller on remotely hacking a Jeep, how the disclosure process worked, what auto makers can do to secure their vehicles’ on-board systems, and how much of a threat these attacks pose to drivers.

Car hacking is a relatively new phenomenon, but it is evolving at a frighteningly quick pace. While just a year or two ago security researchers were still trying to work out exactly how the internal electronics and communications gear in vehicles works, now a pair of researchers has discovered a method to compromise some Chrysler vehicles remotely […]

Dennis Fisher and Mike Mimoso look back on the news from the last week in Las Vegas at Black Hat and DEF CON, including the Blackphone rooting, the Computrace research and the more upbeat mood at the conferences this year.

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