Cloud Security

OpenSSL Fixes Serious TLS Vulnerability

The maintainers of the OpenSSL library, one of the more widely deployed cryptographic libraries on the Web, have fixed a serious vulnerability that could have resulted in the revelation of 64 KB of memory to any client or server that was connected.

A new spam campaign has been circulating over the last few weeks in hopes of duping users of the popular cloud storage service Dropbox. The e-mails purport to come from the service but instead lead those who click through to a malware landing page.

As attackers continue to target large databases of passwords and users grow wearier by the day of creating new accounts and login credentials on each site they visit, the larger Web players are positioning themselves as not just social networking or retail hubs, but also as authentication providers. The latest to join this crew is Amazon, which is rolling out a service called Login With Amazon that enables visitors to participating sites to login with their existing Amazon credentials.

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