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Microsoft Readying Real Time Hosted Threat Intelligence Feed

New York City – Microsoft has proven that it can take down huge, global botnets like Kelihos, Rustock and Waldec. Now the company is ready to start making the data it acquires in those busts available to governments, law enforcement and customers as a real time threat intelligence feed.

How the Great Firewall of China Blocks Tor

Governments in some countries have not been shy about trying to block their citizens from using the Tor network to access censored or sensitive Web content. The Chinese government has become quite proficient at this, and a recent analysis of the methods the country is using to accomplish this shows that officials are able to identify Tor connections in near real-time and shut them off basically at will.

Privacy experts at the EFF are warning users not to upgrade to the new version of the venerable AOL Instant Messenger chat client because of some serious privacy concerns with the application. The main concern is that the new version of AIM automatically logs all user conversations by default, but there also are issues with the way that AIM scans all links in chats and pre-fetches the URLs.

By Art CovielloI just came back from a five-week trip of meeting with customers around the world and never in my entire career have CEOs and corporate boards been as interested in security as they are now. The common theme throughout these conversations was that we are facing a new reality – one of persistent, advanced and intelligent threat. 

by Fergal Glynn, Director of Marketing, VeracodeI recently read a blog post by CloudFlare and Shawn Graham that asked a fantastic (and timely) question: “Do Hackers Take The Holidays Off?” CloudFlare sees traffic for hundreds of thousands of websites and was able to answer the question. They looked at the average percentage of requests that constitute threats, graphed the deviation, and then overlaid any events happening on those days. Their conclusion: it depends on the holiday.

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