Critical Infrastructure

US Judge Postpones Death Sentence For Ghost Click Machines

A Federal Judge acceded to a request from the U.S. Attorney’s Office to extend the operation of Domain Name System servers that are the last lifeline to the Internet for hundreds of thousands of machines infected by the DNSChanger malware, following a bust of the group controlling the infected machines in November.

Indictments Reveal Anonymous’s Mix Of Greed, Ideology

As information filtered out about the arrests of senior members of the group Anonymous and LulzSec on Tuesday, a portrait emerged of a group of mostly teenaged and 20 something hackers who blended greed and ideology in a string of high profile hacks stretching back more than a year.

The security community might understand what the Stuxnet worm did. Now the war is over what the worm means – Stuxnet’s legacy, if you will. The latest to weigh in on that question is Steve Croft, of the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

SAN FRANCISCO–The growing stream of attacks in recent years against government agencies, critical infrastructure, utilities and other vital networks has led to an increasingly heated debate around the concept of active defense and targeting the people and groups behind those attacks. That debate has been going on behind closed doors in Washington for years, but it spilled out into the public during a forum on the ethics and legality of active defense at the RSA Conference here Tuesday.

When Ralph Langner, an independent security researcher, presented his analysis of specialized code used by the Stuxnet worm to an audience of his peers at the S4 Conference in Miami last month, it was a chance to get down in the weeks with one of the world’s top experts on Stuxnet and threats to industrial control system.

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