Adobe Confirms ‘Coordinated, Sophisticated’ Cyber Attack

In an attack described as “sophisticated” and “coordinated,” Adobe said its corporate network systems were breached by hackers.
The company said the attack also affected other unnamed companies. 
Adobe did not provide any other details except to say it was aware of
the breach on January 2, 2010.

Google Threatens China Pullout After Cyber Attack

Google said in a blog post today
that it will consider shutting down its site in China and closing its
offices, following a large scale attack on its corporate infrastructure
originating from China that resulted in the theft of Google’s
intellectual property.  Read the full story [ZDNet]

Microsoft warning to XP users: Update Flash Player Now

Microsoft has shipped a security advisory with an urgent message for Windows XP users:  Update your Flash Player immediately.The Adobe Flash Player 6 that ships by default in Windows XP is vulnerable to multiple code execution vulnerabilities that could lead to PC takeover attacks, according to the advisory.

The first Microsoft patch for 2010 is out, providing cover for a solitary vulnerability in the way Windows handles EOT (Embedded OpenType) fonts.  The update is rated “critical” but Microsoft says there is a low likelihood of exploitation on its newer operating systems.

Criminals hit ATMs in two states over the recent holidays to skim
account numbers and PINs from customers in North Carolina and Florida,
according to police. Read the full article. []

Yet another botnet has been shut down as of
today as researchers joined forces with ISPs to cut communications to
the prolific Lethic spamming botnet — a development that illustrates
how botnet hunters increasingly are going on the offensive to stop
cybercriminals, mainly by disrupting their valuable bot
infrastructures. Read the full article. [Dark Reading]

The image of an open Amazon delivery box has a prominent place in the
latest spam campaign that aims to trick users into downloading an
alleged order update coming from the dot com giant. Read the full article. [Help Net Security]

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