DDoS Attacks Cripple U.S. and Korean Sites

From The New York Times (Choe Sang-Hun)
Cyberattacks that have crippled the Web sites of several major American and South Korean government agencies since the July 4th holiday weekend appear to have been launched by a hostile group or government, South Korea’s main government spy agency said on Wednesday. Read the full story [].

It is Time for Obama to Move on Cybersecurity Job

In his short time in office, Barack Obama has moved swiftly to address many of the problems facing the country: the financial crisis, the impending death of the auto industry and the lack of a playoff system in college football. But, despite his reassurances at a press conference in May, Obama has been stuck in neutral on the issue of cybersecurity.

By Tom Kellerman (Core Security)
This week’s news that former National Cyber Security Center Director Rod Beckstrom was named as the newest president of ICANN – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Net’s most influential governing body – is a very encouraging sign that we’re living in an era when issues of cyber-security are being given greater consideration than ever before, and with good reason, of course.

From The New York Times (Thom Shanker)
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates on Tuesday ordered the creation of the military’s first headquarters designed to coordinate Pentagon efforts in the emerging battlefield of cyberspace and computer-network security, officials said. Read the full story [].

From The Baltimore Sun (Gus G. Sentementes)
The Web site for the Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, which works closely with the military and NASA on research projects, was hit with a cyber attack that officials discovered Sunday and which led them to take down the site until they analyze their computer systems, a spokesman confirmed Tuesday. Read the full report [].

A rogue Internet Service Provider that recruits, knowingly hosts, and actively participates in the distribution of spam, child pornography, and other harmful electronic content has been shut down by a district court judge at the request of the Federal Trade Commission. The ISP’s upstream providers and data centers have disconnected its servers from the Internet. Read the full FTC announcement []

While much of the reaction to President Obama’s speech on Internet security last week has centered on who Obama will name to the newly created cybersecurity coordinator position, that may be a moot point unless there is a dramatic change in the way that security is handled at the highest levels in Washington, experts say.

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