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‘The Chinese Are Not Going to Stop’

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The news that the attack on Google in 2009 also compromised a database holding warrants for lawful intercept surveillance on users has raised fears about the security of national security data on private networks. Cyberspionage operations pose a serious threat to national security, and these attacks are increasing. Dennis Fisher spoke with Anup Ghosh of Invincea about the nature of the threat and what can be done to address it.


National Security Data on Private Networks Exposed as a Weak Point

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The United States intelligence community and its counterparts in law enforcement are quite secretive about their surveillance methods and the targets of those operations. Few people are privy to information about ongoing surveillance, but now it turns out that the Chinese government may have a better handle on who some of those targets are than the average U.S. citizen or politician does.


Finger-Pointing on Cyberespionage Does Little Good Without Plan

In its annual report to Congress detailing the capabilities of and threats from China, Pentagon officials spend dozens of pages explaining the People’s Liberation Army’s strengths and weaknesses in each area, from nuclear weapons to artillery to information warfare. It reads the way you would expect, written as it is by a committee of military officials.


Two-Factor Authentication No Cure-All for Twitter Security Woes

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Calls for Twitter to implement two-factor authentication would not have prevented the hijacking of the Associated Press account last week, experts said. Meanwhile, a new tool for detecting compromised social network accounts called COMPA, could provide a measure of early detection.