NASA Hacker Arrested in Romania

Razvan Manole Cernaianu, perhaps better known as Tinkode, the hacker who gained notoriety after allegedly compromising a number of websites, including those of NASA, the European Space Agency, and Sun Microsystems, was recently arrested in Romania.

Update: Verisign Admits To Security Breaches in 2010

Verisign, the Internet security company responsible for management of the .COM domain, told federal regulators that it was the victim of several successful attacks in 2010, but that those incidents were not reported to the company’s management until September, 2011. The news was first reported by Reuters.

Threatpost’s exclusive interview with Ralph Langner continues, as our conversation shifts from  the legacy of the Stuxnet worm to larger issues facing the critical infrastructure sector including mounting attacks, tensions between vendors and security researchers over responsible disclosure, and what’s needed to secure critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.  

Researchers at the security firm M86 report that hackers have compromised hundreds of Web sites that use the Wordpress content management system. The sites, mostly small Web pages and blogs, are being used to fool spam filters and redirect unwitting visitors to drive by download Websites that will install malicious software on vulnerable systems.

The groups of attackers that employ the Zeus toolkit for their scams and malware campaigns have long used sites in the .ru Russian TLD as homes for their botnet controllers. Security researchers and law enforcement agencies have had a difficult time making headway in getting these domains taken down, but now it seems that some changes in the way that the Russian organization in charge of the .ru domain is enforcing rules for fraudulent domains is forcing attackers to move to a long-forgotten TLD owned by the former Soviet Union.

07/21/18 8:00
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