Microsoft to Investigate Alleged Xbox Credit Card Hack

Microsoft is looking into a potential security issue affecting its Xbox 360 video game console this week after a group of college students claimed they were able to extract the credit card information of a console’s previous owner from the machine.

BBC: Pastebin to Police Hacker-Posts

Pastebin.com could soon find itself on the wrong side of some of its most reliable traffic generators, namely, Anonymous, (what’s left of) LulzSec, and other hackers now that the site’s owner, Jeroen Vader, said he plans on hiring more staff to patrol the text-sharing site for “sensitive information,” according to a BBC report.

Threatpost spent much of the last year chasing after Greg Hoglund, the founder and CEO of HB Gary. First, it was to get his reaction to the bruising encounter his firm had with the hacking group Anonymous. Then it was an endless series of requests on the aftermath of that hack, including the departure of HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr, and the company’s decision to pull out of the RSA Conference in 2011. When Greg finally did speak out it wasn’t to us.So we were happy when Hoglund, whose firm was recently acquired by the company Mantech International Corp., agreed to speak at the Kaspersky Lab Security Analysts’ Summit in Cancun, Mexico in February. His talk there on “Lateral Movement and Other APT Interaction Patterns Within the Enterprise” reinforced Hoglund’s reputation as one of the top experts on malicious code.Threatpost editor Paul Roberts caught up with Hoglund after the speech. And, while Anonymous and HBGary Federal were not up for discussion on the record, Hoglund offered some great insights into the delicate art of tracking down remote access trojans (or RATs) after they have a foothold in your network, as well as the mistakes companies make in trying to prevent and respond to security incidents.

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