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Syrian Electronic Army Hacks CNN Social Media, Microsoft Transparency Data

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Just like it’s done time and time before, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) broke into yet another media outlet late last week, hacking a handful of social media accounts belonging to CNN, including seven Twitter accounts and two Facebook accounts.


‘Password’ is No Longer the Worst Password

If you think you’re being clever by basing your password on the site you’re visiting or adding a zero to the end of 123456789, you’re not. A new list of the 25 worst passwords, culled from public dumps of passwords stolen in data breaches, shows that these are some of the least useful passwords you[...]


Target Attackers Took 11 GB of Data, Researchers Say

The attackers who infiltrated Target’s network several weeks ago and made off with 40 million credit and debit card numbers used a multi-stage attack, funneling their stolen data through an FTP server and then a VPS server in Russia. It took more than two weeks, but the attackers eventually exfiltrated about 11 GB of data, researchers say.