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The details of the collision attack used by the Flame malware authors to create a forged code-signing certificate for Microsoft code are beginning to emerge, and the company said that the attackers used an MD5 hash collision specifically to ensure that their attack would work on machines running Windows Vista and later versions of the OS. Microsoft also said that it will roll out some hardening changes to its Windows Update infrastructure to prevent the kind of man-in-the-middle attack that Flame used.


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Members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous resurfaced this week with a new campaign to expose suspected pedophiles on Twitter and get the site and its users to help root out other accounts linked to child pornography.In a Pastebin post, someone using the hashtag #Anonymous posted the Twitter handles for about 100 Twitter users, some with names like @Daddysinfulgirl and @lolitahussy.


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VIEW SLIDESHOW Fair Game: 12 Months, 10 Eye-Popping Hacks Targeting Some Of the Globe’s Biggest Gaming FirmsThe past year has seen a sharp increase in attacks aimed at online gaming platforms and game makers. In fact, there was a point last summer, in the wake of Sony’s Playstation Network outage, when it seemed like no video game company was safe from hackers – whether they be ideologically motivated groups like Lulzsec or run-of-the-mill cyber crooks.