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Weak Encryption Enables SIM Card Root Attack

Las Vegas – In the last Black Hat briefing of the day Wednesday, German security researcher Karsten Nohl of Security Research Labs demonstrated a SIM card attack that exploited sloppy encryption and gave the researcher root access to a type of SIM card built into billions of mobile devices.


Researchers Hack GPS, $80M Yacht Veers Off Course

A 213-foot luxury yacht veered off course while cruising in the Mediterranean Sea this summer after a radio navigation research team led by global positioning systems expert Todd Humphreys of the University of Texas Austin built a custom-made device capable of overriding the ship’s GPS receivers with spoofed signals.


Throwback Barnaby Jack: Jackpotting ATMs

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Barnaby Jack always seemed to find a way to make the process of banging away on an application–or a pacemaker or an ATM–look like the most fun anyone has ever had. And he wanted all of his friends to join in the fun. Jack, a respected and much-admired security researcher at IOActive, died on July 25 in San Francisco, just a few days before Black Hat, the conference that played host to some of his more memorable demonstrations.