SourceForge Site Compromised By Attackers

The recent rash of attacks against free and open source software projects continued this week with an attack that targeted SourceForge, the popular repository for open source projects. The attack compromised a number of separate systems, including the site’s CVS system.

Why Takedowns Don’t Reduce Online Crime

The last year has seen a string of takedowns of botnet command-and-control servers, malware drop zones, spam operations and other pieces of the crimeware infrastructure, each of which made a dent in one way or another. But the question of whether the takedowns have had any lasting effect on the overall level of crime and fraud online is a more complicated one.

BitTorrent, the peer to peer file sharing network, has gained a reputation for enabling the masses to share and distribute files. But when it comes to sharing copyrighted content, just 100 users are responsible for most of the content.

A piece of fake anti-virus scareware, Antivirus 8, has been
infecting computers via ICQ in recent days according
to Roel Schouwenberg at Securelist.
What makes this fake antivirus popup intriguing is that it appears infecting
users who are not actively using their computer.

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