Mobile Security

Infographic: How Mobile Apps Invade Your Privacy

Combine the rapid adoption of mobile devices with the behavior of some companies developing applications for them, and what do you get? A pocket-sized, portable privacy liability. Veracode explores the consequences of rampant data-mining and the importance of finding the balance between function and privacy in this infographic published today.

Apple Details iOS Security Features in New Guide

Apple has released a detailed security guide for its iOS operating system, an unprecedented move for a company known for not discussing the technical details of its products, let alone the security architecture. The document lays out the system architecture, data protection capabilities and network security features in iOS, most of which had been known before but hadn’t been publicly discussed by Apple.

UPDATE–An Android handset produced by Chinese manufacturer ZTE has a backdoor installed that could enable an attacker to take control of an affected device remotely and run arbitrary code. The manufacturer has acknowledged the issue in the ZTE Score M, which includes a harcoded password, and says that it plans to push out a fix soon. 

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