Apple Says It Has ‘Never Received an Order Under Section 215’

In a new report detailing the number and kind of requests for user information it’s gotten from various governments, Apple said it has never received a request for information under Section 215 of the USA PATROT Act and would likely fight one if it ever came. The company also disclosed that it has received between […]

Tech Giants Plead for Surveillance Reforms

Six giant U.S. technology companies co-authored a letter to ranking members of the House Judiciary Committee, asking for not only the ability to disclose details on National Security Letter requests, but to call for surveillance reforms.

How Dark Mail Plans to Build an Open, Secure Email Platform

The new Dark Mail Alliance formed this week by Lavabit and Silent Circle will offer an open platform for secure email that will use existing protocols and cloud storage as a way to evade surveillance. The new system, which should be available next year, is in some ways a throwback to the pre-Internet days, officials involved in the project said.

As the stunning revelations about the NSA’s collection methods and capabilities continue to mount, two secure email providers that have shut down their services in recent months have formed a new alliance to develop and deploy a new secure email platform that will be resistant to surveillance and back doors. The Dark Mail Alliance, formed […]

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