The Year in NSA

Rather than trying to rank the NSA revelations on any sort of scale, we’ve put together an admittedly simplified list of some of the more interesting NSA-related stories to emerge in 2013.

Stanford Researchers Find Connecting Metadata With User Names is Simple

One of the key tenets of the argument that the National Security Agency and some lawmakers have constructed to justify the agency’s collection of phone metadata is that the information it’s collecting, such as phone numbers and length of call, can’t be tied to the callers’ names. However, some quick investigation by some researchers at Stanford University who have been collecting information voluntarily from Android users found that they could correlate numbers to names with very little effort.

The volume of government requests to Google for user data is continuing to increase, something that should come as no surprise in the current climate. In its latest transparency report, the company said that it received more than 25,000 requests for user data in the first six months of 2013, an increase of about 18 percent.

On the same day that a panel of experts delivered a report to the United States president recommending sweeping changes to the way that the National Security Agency collects, handles and stores intelligence, the United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the protection of users’ right to privacy and emphasizing their right to be […]

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