FISC: No Phone Company Ever Challenged Metadata Collection Orders

A newly declassified opinion from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court from this summer shows the court’s interpretation of the controversial Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act that’s used to justify the National Security Agency’s bulk telephone metadata collections, and reveals that none of the companies that have been served with such orders has ever challenged one.

Decision in Google WiFi Case Could Hinder Some Security Research

The decision by the Ninth Circuit Court last week to allow the class-action suit against Google over its collection of WiFi data to continue was welcomed as good news by privacy advocates, but it may have considerable consequences for security researchers who collect such data during legitimate research projects.

Threatpost News Wrap, September 13, 2013

Dennis Fisher and Mike Mimoso talk about the news of the last couple of weeks, including the revelations of the NSA’s anti-cryptography capabilities, the botnet making use of Tor and the Kimsuky cyberespionage attack.

The flood of documents regarding the NSA’s collection methods and capabilities that have been leaked this summer has produced thousands of news stories and several metric tons of speculation about what it all means. But for all of the postulating, analysis and reporting, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered in all of this. Let’s try to address some of them.

The federal government has released hundreds of pages of documents, including orders and opinions from the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, related to the NSA’s surveillance programs, but legislators who have been involved in the process say that there still are significant details of the agency’s email and phone collection activities that remain secret. Senators […]

The IETF is considering a range of options to help reengineer some of the fundamental protocols that underpin the Internet in response to revelations that the NSA and other intelligence agencies are conducting widespread, dragnet-style surveillance online. The group, which is responsible for developing the standards that govern much of the technical workings of the […]

In the wake of the revelations surrounding the NSA’s domestic surveillance and intelligence-gathering operations, security experts said there would likely be a natural uptick in the usage of privacy focused tools such as Tor, PGP and other encryption services. In the case of Tor, there has been more than a slight increase–the number of Tor […]

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