Researcher Charlie Miller Joins Twitter Security Team

Twitter quietly is assembling a serious security team, with the most recent addition being Charlie Miller, the security researcher known for finding a long line of bugs in the iPhone and other Apple products. Miller, a respected and prolific researcher, will join the social network’s security team next week.

The University of Miami Hospital (UMH) has begun to notify patients for the second time this year that some of their personal information may be at risk after the health care institution was hit with a data breach in July. According to a letter being sent to patients this month, two employees at the hospital were found “inappropriately accessing” patients’ “face sheets,” documents that give doctors a quick glance at patients’ information.

Cellphone owners now account for 88 percent of the U.S. population, of which some 43 percent say they download applications on their phones. Among these ‘app users,’ 57 percent told the Pew Internet and American Life Project that they have either uninstalled existing applications or made the decision to not install an application altogether after determining the amount of personal information required as a permission to install.

Several weeks after announcing that some of its users’ log-ins and passwords had been stolen, file storage company Dropbox announced it has added a two-step authentication process over the weekend to help reinforce the security of its users’ accounts.The added layer of security is currently optional but can be selected after users opt in, then check the ‘Security’ section of their “Settings.’

Dennis Fisher talks with Cesar Cerrudo of IOActive Labs about his research project that used Fortune 500 executives’ corporate email addresses as the starting point to gather data about their online activities. Cerrudo found that he was able to map executives’ activities across a wide range of e-commerce, social networking and other sites with just an email address.

Google, which has come under fire for years for its privacy practices and recently settled a privacy related case with the Federal Trade Commission that resulted in a $22.5 million fine, is building out a privacy “red team”, a group of people charged with finding and resolving privacy risks in the company’s products.

A more than three-month old intrusion into networks at the University of South Carolina may have compromised the personal information of some 34,000 individuals associated with the school’s College of Education.

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