Eugene Kaspersky Addresses the Audience

Eugene Kaspersky urged the audience at the Kaspersky Lab Security Analyst Summit to think seriously about the state of security and the implications of the cyberwar operations that have been uncovered recently.

Held annually, this year’s Security Analyst Summit, as always aims to foster conversation and collaboration between Kaspersky Lab researchers and global law enforcement agencies, CERTs and other cyber-crime fighters.

Eddie Schwartz of RSA

Eddie Schwartz, CISO of RSA, emphasized the need for enterprises to use the data they have on their networks to help defend against targeted attacks.

Eugene Kaspersky

Kaspersky talked about the difficulty of defending enterprises from high-level attacks and said no organization is safe. “I’m afraid that every industry can be a victim of a high-profile attack,” he said.

Raiu detailed the way that the Red October attackers infiltrated their targets and pulled data out, showing the sophistication and patience of the attackers.

Andy Steingruebl, left, senior manager, customer and ecosystem security at PayPal, and Adrian Stone, director of security response at BlackBerry, discussed the difficulty of dealing with targeted attacks in the enterprise. “Incident response is the key,” Stone said.

Howard Schmidt

Howard Schmidt, former White House cybersecurity coordinator and Microsoft CSO, said executives need to be aware of the threats their companies face. “We have to understand that theft of intellectual property is different from trying to turn the lights out,” he said.

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