Anonymous Targets the FTC

Earlier this year the Anonymous hacking collective took credit for knocking offline a couple of sites belonging to the Federal Trade Commission. They claimed that the attack was in retaliation for the U.S.

GAO Calls out the FDIC

It’s not always malicious hackers and purported state actors that expose weaknesses in government systems. Sometime it’s other government agencies as well. This was the case when federal watchdog, the Government Accountability Office, audited and subsequently called out the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for its lax IT security practices.

Lulzsec Hits the Senate

In July of last year, the infamous hacking group LulzSec managed to compromise the websites belonging to the upper house of the United States legislature.

On the Fourth of July last year, we published a slideshow of 10 hacks targeting US government-affiliated networks. It’s a year later, and, oddly enough, people have continued to attack government networks.

‘Mythic: Stories of Gods and Men’ was yanked from the increasingly popular crowd-funding website, Kickstarter, earlier this year after it became apparent that the game was, in actuality, a sham. Mythic touted itself as an action/strategy based role playing game and managed to raise $4,739 from 83 backers before it was pulled from Kickstarter.

Microsoft, makers of the ubiquitous Xbox gaming console are still looking into an issue with the device’s hard drive that could allow attackers to collect sensitive information about prior users.  The investigation started after a group of students from Dakota State University allegedly recovered the credit card information from a refurbished Xbox’s former user earlier

Steam, an online distribution network that hosts countless video game catalogs struck down in November last year after a hacker was able to bypass the site’s message boards and databases. The hackers leaked 35 million customers’ information, including encrypted passwords, game purchases, email addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card numbers.

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