June 2011 – Sega Pass Breach

Even casual gamers might be surprised to hear that Sega, the Japanese video game conglomerate synonymous with Sonic the Hedgehog in the early ‘90s, is still around. One big reason it is still around is SegaPass, the company’s online network of flash-based games. The problem for Sega is that Sega Pass, which also doubles as a newsletter service, has been down since last June.

Executives at Sony probably didn’t anticipate that a lawsuit against technology whiz kid George Hotz would end up backfiring as spectacularly as it did. The missing ingredient?

The past year has seen a sharp increase in attacks aimed at online gaming platforms and game makers. In fact, there was a point last summer, in the wake of Sony’s Playstation Network outage, when it seemed like no video game company was safe from hackers – whether they be ideologically motivated groups like Lulzsec or run-of-the-mill cyber crooks.

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