Student Charged With Posting Counterfeit Coupons to 4Chan

A student at New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology
(RIT) has been arrested for producing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of
fake coupons and posting them to 4chan and other websites.

Lucas Henderson, a 22-year old computer security student
from Lubbock, Texas was charged with wire fraud and trafficking counterfeit
goods when he turned himself into a Rochester, New York federal court on

A Saucy Twitter-Fight Vupen Researchers and Google Engineers

There has been a bit of back and forth quibbling going on between researchers at French security firm Vupen, claiming to have found and exploited a vulnerability in Google’s Chrome browser, and security researchers at Google, who claim the bug they exploited was actually in Adobe Flash, and therefore, was “Not a Chrome pwn.”

The last year or so has seen a series of high-profile targeted attacks against corporate and government networks, including the Aurora attack on Google and others, the intrusion at RSA and the recent attack on the Sony PlayStation Network. But a new report from Microsoft shows that attackers increasingly are going after consumers with highly refined phishing attacks based on social networks.

Like bank robbers, attackers tend to go where the money is and increasingly that means that they’re going after consumers. In this video, members of the Microsoft anti-malware team discuss the trend toward cybercrime rings employing sophisticated sales and marketing tactics to target consumers, as well as some of the exploit trends from recent months.

By Alex RothackerSony’s PlayStation Network was breached between April 17 and April 19 and was taken offline by Sony on April 20. At the time of this writing, the service is still not available and it might not be available until the end of May. Much speculation has ensued on what has actually happened and the information released by Sony does not always match up with what is published elsewhere in print or on the Internet. What is clear is that more than 70 million user records have been stolen.

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