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Gaming Platform Settles on Bitcoin Mining Malware Allegations

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The ESEA League, an online competitive gaming community, has decided to settle with the state of New Jersey after the active Attorney General there alleged that the gaming community operator infected user-machines with malware designed to mine for Bitcoins.


Surveillance Infrastructure Showing Signs of Decay

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Buried underneath the ever-growing pile of information about the mass surveillance methods of the NSA is a small but significant undercurrent of change that’s being driven by the anger and resentment of the large tech companies that the agency has used as tools in its collection programs. The changes have been happening since almost the[...]


Senate Debates Surveillance Transparency Act of 2013

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Washington D.C. – Senator Al Franken presided over a hearing today in which lawmakers and technology experts discussed the National Security Administration’s surveillance practices, examining a proposed bill that would require that the U.S. spy agency carry out its operations in a more transparent fashion.


4th Cybersecurity Framework Workshop: Good News and Bad News

I had a chance to visit a number of industrial events this year and can see the evolution of cybersecurity in the industrial field. One of these was the 4th National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework Workshop (CFW).