Google Doodle Caught in Malware Scams

On Tuesday, clicking on the illustration on Google’s front page commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Esperanto’s creator L. L. Zamenhof, generated an awful lot of malicious search results — taking visitors to dodgy advertisements or pages that tried to trick visitors into thinking their computers were infected and paying for fake antivirus software. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

Mozilla Patches 7 Firefox Flaws, Bugs

The Mozilla developers have released version 3.5.6 of their open source Firefox web browser to address a total of seven vulnerabilities, three of them critical. Read the full article. [The H Security]

A SQL injection flaw has been discovered in – a social networking application development website used by app developers for Bebo, Facebook and Myspace; The flaw could have allowed hackers access to the 32 million usernames and passwords. Read the full article. [eWEEK Europe]

There are several ongoing investigations attempting to find the authors of the Conficker botnet, one of the fastest spreading worms in history, but those responsible for the worm have proven elusive. Read the full article. [TechTarget]

Hackers have released software they say sabotages a suite of forensics utilities Microsoft provides for free to hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the globe known as Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (COFEE). Read the full article. [The Register]

A particular variant of the Koobface worm — dubbed Koobface.GK – initiates by posting malicious links on Facebook wall pages enticing folks to click on a cutesy Christmas video. Read the full article. [The Last Watchdog]

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