New TGLoader Android Malware Found in Alternative Markets

Alternative mobile app markets have become a great place to find new games, utilities and other apps. But mostly they’re great if you’re looking for the latest stealthy Android malware. The newest example is a piece of malware called TGLoader that is showing up in repackaged legitimate apps and has the ability to get root privileges on victims’ phones and also cost them quite a bit of money by sending SMS messages to premium-rate numbers.

Microsoft, Financial Groups Execute Takedown of Zeus Botnet Servers

Microsoft has gone after another botnet, this time targeting some of the command-and-control infrastructure behind the Zeus network with a takedown effort that included seizing two IP addresses used for C&C servers and filing suit against 39 unnamed defendants. The action against Zeus is the latest in a string of such moves by Microsoft and some of its partners against the operators of botnets such as Kelihos and Waledac.

Apple’s iOS thus far has proven to be fairly resistant to malware and some other forms of attack, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely in the clear. A new vulnerability discovered by a researcher at a German security firm enables an attacker to take advantage of some odd JavaScript behavior and spoof a URL and present a user with an absolutely authentic-looking forged Web site.

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