Brazen Crimeware Marketing Branches Out to Social Networks

The secrecy of underground forums where financial malware and crimeware kits are traded is well guarded, to the point that few are able to penetrate them without some kind of internal sponsor. Here, criminals value their privacy as much as those from whom they steal. That’s what makes a recent discovery from RSA Security’s FraudAction […]

Google drive vulnerability

Google Joins FIDO Alliance Effort to Move Beyond Passwords

Google, which gradually has been moving its users away from using passwords as their main form of authentication for Web services, has joined a young organization whose goal is to phase out passwords and replace them with various forms of strong authentication. The FIDO Alliance, formed last year, is working to make two-factor authentication the […]

Vulnerability in Viber for Android Enables Lock Screen Bypass

Another day, another smartphone lock screen bypass vulnerability. This time a flaw in a popular messaging application for the Android mobile platform is to blame. Viber, which is similar to Skype in that it allows users to make free phone calls and send instant messages, is vulnerable to a flaw that could allow an attacker […]

A little-known policy through which the Departments of Justice, Defense, and Homeland Security offered prosecutorial immunity to companies that helped the U.S. military monitor Internet traffic on the private networks of defense contractors has reportedly been expanded by Executive Order to include a score of other “critical infrastructure” industries, according to information obtained as part […]

Adobe has named Brad Arkin to the newly created position of CSO, a major expansion of responsibilities for Arkin, who has been leading the company’s product security and privacy initiatives. Adobe has been in the security spotlight for several years now, as attackers have focused their attention on the company’s portfolio of products that enjoy […]

It’s not quite the development freeze Microsoft underwent during the Trustworthy Computing push, but it’s a start for Oracle, which will delay the release of Java 8 until Q1 of next year, largely because the platform and browser plug-in is such a security disaster. This year has done nothing but reinforce that notion. Start where […]

Twitter is facing increased pressure to beef up authentication for users after the hijacking of another high-profile account yesterday caused some temporary tremors on the stock market. The social network has reportedly been testing two-factor authentication internally; Twitter lags behind Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple in implementing a two-factor authentication system. Wired claimed in a […]

A pair of popular WordPress plugins used to help sites cache content have fixed serious vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit simply by including special HTML code in a comment. Both WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache contained a vulnerability that allowed for PHP code injection through a simple attack vector, but both plugins have […]

Serial port servers are admittedly old school technology that you might think had been phased out as new IT, SCADA and industrial control system equipment has been phased in. Metasploit creator HD Moore cautions you to think again. Moore recently revealed that through his Critical IO project research, he discovered 114,000 such devices connected to […]

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