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  1. Anonymous

    I consolidated four Credit card indebtednesses.  Two Citicorps–Sears and Radioshack. About the time of the attack, Sears claimed that my consolidation non-profit group  mispaid by $1, the initial payment of my proposal agreement with them.  That error cost me over $500 and Sears took back all agreements of my consolidation proposal with them through the consolidation company.  Now I’m back paying off this debt at the  same overly high interest rate  I enjoyed before I consolidate the loans.

    As soon as that matter cleared, RadioShack alledged that the loan consolidation company never filed a proposal for the account.   The company has electronic evidence that it did and tat tRadioShack accepted the proposal way back in September 20110.   No matter, I have a rising past due fee of close to $400. now over at Radio Shack

    Got no email notice ( I do paperlessbilling) that my account was attacked.  I only got notice of a past due amount.  Go figure..


    Got any attorneys out there who want to take on this case, you have my permission to pass on my e-mail address.

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