What Are Your Top Cloud Security Challenges? Threatpost Poll

We want to know what your biggest cloud security concerns and challenges are, and how your company is dealing with them. Weigh in with our exclusive poll!

There are myriad reasons that organizations are moving en masse to the cloud: Digital transformation, the ability to be more agile, cost reduction, better collaboration and productivity, and, in these pandemic times, a better ability to support remote working.

Cybercriminals are moving to the cloud too, hoping to take advantage of any chinks in the proverbial armor as companies scramble to defend a new, perimeter-less footprint — which is driving a requirement to implement a whole new set of cybersecurity defenses and access controls. We want to know what organizations’ top challenges are in making this transition, where the primary risks lie, and which technology platforms and approaches are garnering the most interest for defense.

Weigh in with our anonymous poll, below — we’ll share the results in an upcoming article.

Please keep in mind, each question also offers an opportunity for open-ended answers, for giving longer, more nuanced responses. Or, feel free to comment in the “comments” section of the article. We welcome detailed feedback!



















Thank you for your responses and look for our upcoming article containing the results.







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