A COVID-19 Cybersecurity Poll: Securing a Remote Workforce

coronavirus work from home cybersecurity

COVID-19 is changing how we work. Weigh in on how your organization is securing its remote footprint with our short Threatpost poll.

This poll is now closed. For the results, please see our article, Cyberattacks Ramp Up, WFH Prep Uneven, available here

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe, and cities and states impose social-distancing measures, businesses are sending their users home to work. And this massive, unprecedented shift to distance working brings with it a whole new set of cybersecurity challenges.

For instance, a lack of IT resources can bite many organizations as they move to enable remote strategies. And when workers and students are sent outside the normal perimeter, managing device sprawl, and patching and securing hundreds of thousands of endpoints, becomes a much a bigger challenge.

Threatpost editors wanted to learn more about challenges and best practices from the IT and security professionals on the front lines of this. Please take a few minutes to take the Threatpost poll. The answers will be collected the results will be published in an article later this week.

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