Covid-19 Privacy Poll: Phone Tracking, Public Health and Surveillance

coronaviron location tracking flatten the curve

Is sacrificing your personal privacy worth flattening the coronavirus infection curve? Weigh in on our Threatpost poll.

As the coronavirus pandemic accelerates, authorities worldwide are plotting ways to flatten the curve of infection rates using potentially privacy-busting measures such as phone tracking, facial recognition and other tech.

In this Threatpost poll, we want your take on whether sacrificing personal privacy for the public good is worth it.

During these unprecedented times, these are not hypothetical questions. China and Russia have turned to facial recognition to help enforce quarantine orders. South Korea’s government is using cellphone data to create live maps of COVID-19-infected people. In Israel, the controversial NSO Group is reportedly working on an app for monitoring the virus’ spread.

In our short, 12-question Threatpost poll (below) we invite you to be part of the discussion and shape the debate. And stay tuned for the poll results, which Threatpost will be reporting later this week.


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  • Jim McNeill on

    Since this is a US poll, I shouldn't be surprised given their gun laws just how many answers favour privacy over survival.
  • Anonymous on

    Ah yes, the classic "My government has neutered my ability to defend myself, therefore everyone else should be neutered too" argument. A brilliant mind, clearly.
  • Jim McNeill on

    You need to read a few statistics on gun deaths in the US compared to countries who have sane gun laws. Where there's hardly any guns, you don't need one to protect yourself.
  • BrownCoat001 on

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Ben F. Those who choose to sacrifice there privacy will inevitably fall prey to government overstep, People have forgotten that our Government was created to serve the people. The Government should fear there people, not the people fear the government. This pandemic is the first of many things that people in power will use as an excuse to gain more power, inevitably this will lead to more sacrifices of liberty for the sake of security. This will not end well in the long run. Look, Listen, Trust no one, search for your answers but trust none. Big brothers watching.

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