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Cynet Empowers IT Resellers and Service Providers to Become Fully Qualified MSSPs

Cynet Empowers IT Resellers and Service Providers to Become Fully Qualified MSSPs

Due to increasing cyber incidents, more and more organizations come to realize that outsourcing their defenses is increasing the MSSP market opportunities.

As cyber incidents increase in scope and impact, more and more organizations come to realize that outsourcing their defenses is the best practice—significantly increasing the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) market opportunities. Until recently, IT integrators, VARs, and MSPs haven’t participated in the growing and profitable MSSP market as it entailed massive investments in building an in-house skilled security team.

However, this is beginning to change as a result of certain security vendors, like Cynet, that provide a purpose-built partner offering that enables IT integrators, VARs, and MSPs to provide managed security service with zero investment in hardware or personnel. Their offering includes a 24/7 SOC that trains and supports the partner’s existing team and a security platform that consolidates and automates breach protection (including endpoint, user and network security) making it simple to operate by any IT professional.

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The barriers to becoming an MSSP

The main obstacle to entering the MSSP market is a lack of prior security experience. Responsibility for an organization’s breach protection is not taken lightly, making many IT service providers cautious about offering security services without skilled professionals at hand. The difficulties in finding such professionals are the main reason why a standard IT provider is barred out from becoming an MSSP. Be that as it may, many resellers and managed service providers understand that the way to grow their revenues and especially their profitability is by adding managed security services.

Consolidation and automation – the path to MSSP  

Security consolidation and automation appeal to security services newcomers because they shift breach protection workflows such as investigations and remediations from being dependent on manual skill to a product functionality that can be performed regardless of prior security skill and experience.

This switch changes the rules of the security game in many aspects. Mainly, it expands the MSSP field, making it available and relevant to a wider audience of IT service providers.

Taking a further look at Cynet’s partner offering, it’s clear that it significantly lowers the entry barriers for resellers, integrators and managed service providers to provide managed security services, through the following features:

  • Cloud-native solution with no hardware to purchase, deploy and integrate
  • Purpose-built platform to radically simplify security operations, Cynet 360 can be efficiently operated by any IT professional without the need for specialized security proficiency – which means there is no need to hire a new expert team.
  • Cynet’s platform includes the functionalities of all core security products – AV, NGAV, EDR, Network Traffic Analytics, Deception and User Behavior Analysis (UBA). As such, it enables the MSSP to provide an extremely wide range of security needs to its existing client base.
  • Cynet automates the remediation needs for infected hosts, malicious files, compromised user accounts and unsafe network traffic, with a wide range of response orchestration capabilities. Apart from being a key capability differentiator, response automation removes operational burdens from the MSSP, increasing its team’s capacity.
  • Cynet’s partner offering includes CyOps – a 24\7 security team that provides full onboarding and training for the partner staff, as well as performs alert monitoring, threat hunting and attacks investigation for the partner’s customers. Practically this means that the MSSP gains an additional highly skilled workforce that ensures its customers get the best of breach protection.

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