2020 in Security: Four Stories from the New Threat Landscape

Special Report eBook on new work-from-home cybersecurity challenges.

2020 in Security eBook

The work-from-home shift is no short-term phenomenon. Restrictions will eventually lift, but the cost savings benefits that come with telecommuting are simply too attractive for many businesses to ignore.

This represents a massive step change that has a myriad of cybersecurity implications. In this eBook, we look at the cybersecurity risks businesses are facing today. Examined is what “secure” means in a new work-from-home world. Businesses are given an in-depth look at new ways to identify risk—from tackling employee security bad habits to implementing VPNs and embracing zero-trust security approaches.

Inside this report:

  • Redefining “Secure” in a Work-from-Home World
  • Reframing Insider Threats
  • Collaboration Tools in Hacker Crosshairs
  • Six Best Practices for Remote Working

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