2021: The Evolution of Ransomware

Keep ahead of ransomware crooks by learning what the emerging trends are for attackers and defenders. Get the whole story and download the eBook today!

Ransomware is a growing scourge, but recent months have seen a growing sophistication and level of innovation in this slice of the cybercrime underbelly. This eBook sets out to arm organizations with the knowledge they need to defend against not only the state of play – but also the emerging trends and attack patterns that are set to bubble up and take security staff by surprise.

Download your copy to find out how to be better positioned to defend against this changing threat – both now and in the future.

Inside this edition:

  • Emerging Trends in Ransomware
  • A Peek Inside the Ransomware Economy
  • Threatpost Exclusive Poll: The Cost of a Ransomware Attack
  • Cyber-Insurance Fuels Ransomware Payment Surge
  • Diary of a 48-Hour Ransomware Attack
  • A Practical Guide to Avoiding Ransomware

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