Cloud Security: The Forecast for 2022

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Cloud Security The Forecast for 2022

Businesses are moving their workloads to the cloud in greater numbers than ever before, driven by the need to support remote workforces and improve productivity. Cybercriminals are following them there, spreading a wide swath of attacks. Companies are facing cryptomining malware and ransomware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and the exposure of reams of sensitive information.

Organizations are scrambling to stay ahead of the attackers. There’s an imperative to implement what amounts to a whole new set of cybersecurity defenses and access controls as quickly as possible – a rush that could result in misconfigurations, security gaps and oversights.

In this exclusive eBook, we explore organizations’ top risks and challenges in making this transition, best practices for defense, and advice for security success in such a dynamic computing environment, including handy checklists.

Inside this edition:

  • Rethinking Cyber-Defense Strategies in the Public-Cloud Age
  • Why XDR Matters in a Cloud-Dominated World
  • Zero-Trust for All: A Practical Guide
  • Deep Dive: Protecting Against Container Threats in the Cloud
  • Top 10 Cloud Security Concerns
  • Firms Push for CVE-Like Cloud Bug System

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