Healthcare Security Woes Balloon in a Covid-Era World

This eBook is relevant to any industry forced to reinvent themselves overnight – thanks to the coronavirus.

In 2020, the healthcare industry began a massive shift, as legacy cybersecurity issues merged with new security challenges spurred on by the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic has forced budget-strapped hospitals to address those systemic issues, and at the same time spurred new priorities around the digitization of healthcare services, telehealth rollouts and fending off an uptick in ransomware attacks.

In this eBook, we examine medical-device security and the scourge of ransomware to the impact of a mass migration to telehealth and the rise of medical espionage, as shadowy groups quest for competitive intel on COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics. Download your copy to find out what these risks mean for hospitals at the day-to-day level and how healthcare security teams can implement best practices to protect providers and patients.

Inside this edition:

  • Healthcare in Crisis: Diagnosing Cybersecurity Shortcomings in Unprecedented Times
  • By the Numbers: Telemed Risks and Best Practices
  • Ransomware Attacks on Hospitals: When Malware Gets Deadly
  • Hackers Look to COVID-19 IP Theft
  • Medical Device Security: Diagnosis Critical

This eBook, Healthcare Security in the COVID-19 Era, is free and brought to you from Threatpost, in partnership with ZeroNorth.