FBI: Psychological Profile of Anonymous Leadership is a Fake

It looks as if Anonymous’s latest prank is a damning psychological profile of its own members, allegedly assembled by the FBI.

It looks as if Anonymous’s latest prank is a damning psychological profile of its own members, allegedly assembled by the FBI.

A spokesperson for the federal law enforcement agency said the document that was published online is a forgery, confirming speculation that it was a fake. The denial points a finger at Anonymous, itself, as the source of the document, in what appears to be an elaborate prank or an effort to sow disinformation. 

The fake profile includes assessments of known Anonymous leaders, as identified by their Web-pseudonyms. It includes psychological sketches of Sabu, his described second-in-command, Kayla, the already-arrested and former spokesperson, Topiary, and the so-called autonomous members, JoePie91 and Tflow.

Many of the document’s allegations are damning. It characterizes Sabu as a self-perceived martyr and narcissistic American male in his early thirties with a nihilistic world-view, likely an information security professional operating within the business community without alerting his peers to his other online activities. Kayla, characterized as the second-in-command, is profiled as a middle-American male in his early to mid-twenties whose stunted emotional age and inferiority complex may be the result of childhood trauma, perhaps an abusive parent, and who seeks attention as a result of a childhood desire for parental approval. Hmmm…. Very, very interesting. 

Links to the document appeared on a Tumblr site and Twitter account affiliated with the group, media outlets ran with the story, even as they cast doubts about its authenticity.  Indeed, from the very first, casual readers and Anonymous sympathizers suspected it was a fake. The tone of the document is sensational and its content is rife with broad and thinly-sourced generalizations about the group and its members. (Wikipedia is cited for its description of the group.) It contains numerous spelling  and grammar errors and, perhaps the biggest red flag, casts aspersions on the FBI’s own enforcement actions. In just one example, Topiary, a core member was arrested in the UK, is described as an ego-driven and idealistic youth with “Aspergers syndrome” (sp) who was used as cannon fodder for law enforcement.

It is unclear what the purpose of the document is. Despite its outsize reputation, Anonymous’s core leadership is believed to be quite young. Many of those arrested so far in connection with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and other actions are in their teens to early 20s. The profiles document may be a ham-fisted effort to throw investigators off the group’s scent, or merely a practical joke from one Anonymous member to another. 

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  • KaroakeNinja on

    Probably by a bored insider wanting to oust the top members whom they would rightly resent.

    That kind of attack is common in secret groups.

    They did it in a funny way which would appeal to the anonymous base group.

    Or, could be an outsider who was bored and found anonymous to be a joke, and felt that they should have their leaders be made fun of. They probably also targeted anonymous' love of pranks in writing the document for maximum damage.

    These guys, anonymous, are so self-serious, it is very hypocritical stance to take for their claims. They accuse others of self-righteousness, and are the very model of that. They claim to be "all about the lulz", but their political doctrines and media posing is anything but funny. The only thing funny about it is they are so ludricous in their self-seriousness. That, actually, is hilarious.

    Such a prank as this was needing to be done.

    If anonymous were outside of the geek world famous, comedians would have them as a big target already. Not yet, but they are asking for it.





  • Anonymous on

    TL;DR. @KaroakeNinja - cool story bro.
  • Anonymous on

    Analysis above cool


    about 1 month ago 'Metro (free daily) and others quoted some rubbishy statement SUPPOSEDLY put out by Anonymous re riots ie talking about looting etc as if they were some great revoluzzer upsurge.*

    Then Anonymous put out a 2nd much more nuanced statement -- with which I might have agreed (about monitoring closely serious attacks on civil & human rights etc) -- and condemned first "statement" aas a fake. Itweeted about this.

    So there seems to be a pattern here; sb playing mind-games? Who would that be if not of the USA's?

    Tim Jake


     * Even if u can indeed read sth into riots/looting/murders etc.

    When actually they were looting by capitalist dupes / who can't see further than trainers etc.

    + 160 arson attacks in London alone / many of which led to life-endangering blazes.

    + 6 murders / + endless bad faith

  • Anonymous on

    Just an afterthought.

    If the fake British statement was an intervention aka dirty trick, how did They know the genuine (I suppose) Anonymous were working on a carefully worded statement about the post riots situation?

    Unless phone / emails were tapped. I think the text must have been sent back and forth because it read so crisply, and was without a mistake in it IF I recall it right.

      I.e. unlikely to be the work of one "hothead". Is this like a phantom central committee? Central collective sounds better I guess.




  • Suomynona on

    Anonymous = just another branch of Greed Inc., nothing new.

  • Anonymous on

    oh man, that's a good one.

  • Anonymous on

    @Suomynona, evidence, plz?

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