Mozilla announced it has re-released Firefox 16 after suspending downloads of the latest version of the Firefox browser because of a serious security vulnerability.

Firefox 16 was initially released yesterday but was quickly pulled back, Mozilla director of security assurance Michael Coates said in a blog post. Coates explained that the vulnerability could allow a malicious site to determine which sites a user has visited and gain access to URLs.

“At this time we have no indication that this vulnerability is currently being exploited in the wild,” Coates said.

Mozilla recommended reverting back to Firefox 15.0.1 until 16.0.1 was made available. Users will automatically be updated with the new version; new users can find the download here, Coates said.

Version 16, meanwhile, reportedly includes patches for a number of critical fixes in the browser, including use-after-free, heap memory corruption, buffer overflow, spoofing, script injection and other vulnerabilities.

Categories: Vulnerabilities, Web Security