Researchers from the security firm AegisLab discovered more than 15 fake antivirus and free SMS applications on Google’s recently rebranded content market place, Google Play.

The applications are redirecting users to a third party site run by the app’s developer. AegisLab researchers could not say for certain whether the fraudulent apps were designed with malicious intent, or if the developer is merely trying to drive traffic to his site.

The applications appear to have been uploaded by one developer who operates under the handle Thasimola. According to AegisLab, the developer used AppsGeyser, an Android application webkit, to automatically generate the fake apps.

When AegisLab published its report on Tuesday, the writer noted that the number of fake apps had been increasing. As of now, Thasimola’s developer profile is unreachable. Whether or not Google took action on the account is not clear.

You can read the AegisLab report here.

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