Search giant Google has posted a set of new informational videos and articles to help website owners recover their sites after they’ve been hacked.

“Help for Hacked Sites” relies on knowledge from Google’s webmaster support members and software engineers to help end users determine whether their sites have been compromised and if so, how to fix them.

A post on Google’s Online Security Blog by Developer Programs Tech Lead Maile Ohye explained the series in detail on Tuesday.

The post also references a collection of statistics taken from antivirus awareness group StopBadware and a study the firm did last month, “Compromised Websites: An Owner’s Perspective.” The study found that 26 percent of webmasters who have had their sites hacked report their sites are still compromised. This new series aims to decrease those figures.

When it comes to mitigating a hacked site, the videos offer tips on building a support team, quarantining the infected site, assessing the damage and identifying the vulnerability before starting to clean up and maintain the compromised site.

In a video overview, Ohye describes how hackers can exploit vulnerable plug-ins on some sites to spread spam links and malicious software and how some site owners can remain oblivious until they start to see warnings from Google and Chrome.

Per usual with Google, the videos are mostly introductory yet slick-looking and straight forward.

The videos, along with a series of articles and other tips can be found here.

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