Google has released an update for Chrome that repairs a problem when users attempt to connect to sites over HTTPS. In some instances, the browser will return an error messages that tells the user that the requested site’s server certificate is invalid even when that’s not the case. 

Some users have been encountering this issue on a variety of sites that actually have valid certificate chains, causing confusion and worries about whether the sites had been compromised or were using fraudulent certificates. The new version of Chrome that Google pushed out on Monday evening fixes the problem and that’s the only security fix included in the latest browser release. 

In a discussion on a forum on, many users reported having the same problems with Chrome and some provided a variety of workarounds for it. In some cases, users said that closing and then restarting Chrome fixed the issue, while others said that switching user directories helped, as well.

Users can update to the latest build of Chrome that includes the fix for the certificate problem by relaunching the browser. Google officials said that the SSL fix may have the effect of re-surfacing a previously fixed problem with some machines that are running high-performance graphics processors. In that case, some PCs with certain Intel or AMD GPUs will show a black screen under certain conditions while browsing the Web. Google officials said they’re aware that the new fix can cause this error to return and are working to fix it.


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